Naylor Report in Voyant

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The Naylor Report (PDF) about research funding in Canada is out and we put it in Voyant. Here are some different

The Naylor Report is Canada’s Fundamental Science Review 2017. It makes a series of recommendations about how research is funded in Canada. It talks about things like research infrastructure; there is a short history (p. 8-9); and discussion of innovation. I haven’t read it all so I ran it through Voyant’s topic modelling tool (Topics). Here is a set of 25 topics:

25 Topics

  • research funding canada grants international process knowledge led proposals community
  • indigenous funding cihr peer researchers sshrc agencies review evidence career
  • u.s top future sources http net patent strengthening development sour
  • canada funding cent awards international federal current number scale year
  • success processes people source industrial early generation face eng society
  • innovation federal canada’s support emerging international kore science needs direct
  • canada research growth cent education publications gerd nations population countries
  • years time industry tri nserc health policy canadians general life
  • science canada nacri csa advice minister governance health oversight advisory
  • research support programs new year questions project time resources provided
  • fellowships total programs years career organizations genome institution awarded genomics
  • council million budget support cihr initiatives grant health awards discovery
  • mandate report major priority range spending innovation coordination recent creation
  • publications funding programs cana citations u.k man business areas japa
  • research council federal agency national board new making role working
  • research funding led chapter available investigator researchers ottawa http driven
  • canada’s rates world scientists talent scholars work relevant overall potential
  • sector collaboration higher data highly statistics chapter australia panel oecd
  • government review recommendations councils disciplines members different priorities high given
  • panel councils agencies recommendation chapter need excellence investments granting future
  • costs cfi infrastructure recommended support funding value rsf increase capital
  • ger research chin berd available fran appendix data collaboration aus
  • science social basic canada applied world development human insights scholarship
  • innovation canadian economic exhibit business sciences scope scientific global major
  • program researchers canadian granting institutions million operating ecosystem students research