Rebecca V.1

Rebecca v.1

v.1 of Rebecca can be played without specialized software. You only need access to a server with the appropriate programming tools. The system is set up so that the players have Read, Write and Execute access to a directory. The start.text is placed in a subdirectory called “startText”. As each player makes a move they must create a new subdirectory with their initials and the number of the move. In that subdirectory they should place their code (move.program) and the output.text. In the game root directory there should be a shared html file called game.html that is used to keep track of the moves and which has links to the moves.
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Rebecca 2

Rebecca is the daughter of Ivanhoe game that Steve Ramsay and I have been trying to imagine. (See previous Rebecca post.) Here are some more thoughts on features to the game.

– Limiting moves to the output of others
– Algorithmic spirit
– Challenges
– Journals
– Code and Literary Programming
– Literary Moves
– A Game of Collaborative Algorithmic Interpretation
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