Deleuze Conference

Experimenting with Intesities: Science, Philosophy, Politics, Arts is an International Conferenence at Trent in May on Gilles Deleuze. Looks cool.

The Department of Philosophy of Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario is holding an International Conference between May 12 and May 15, 2004 on “Gilles Deleuze: Experimenting with Intensities: Science, Philosophy, Politics, the Arts.”

May 12: Intensive Science: philosophy of science faced with dynamic processes, morphogeneses, and multiple attractors.
May 13: Virtual Philosophy: virtuality, as a modal operator, and ‘flat ontologies’.
May 14: Politics of Becoming: publics, counter-publics and the politics of becoming.
May 15: Arts and Affect: aesthetics of the affect.
The list of speakers includes Manola Antonioli, Veronique Bergen, Ronald Bogue, Rosi Braidotti, Ian Buchanan, Claire Colebrook, William Connolly , Manuel DeLanda, Stefan Leclercq, Brian Massumi, Philippe Mengue, Dorothea Olkowski, Paul Patton, and Arnaud Villani.

For more information, please, visit or contact Constantin V. Boundas ( or cboundas (at) cogeco (dot) ca )