Konfabulator Moves to Windows

According to Slashdot, Arlo Rose is porting Konfabulator to Windows. The Konfabulator site now goes to a strange “notebook” essay on “Ten Days In The Wild” which pretends to have discovered two types of creatures in the wild (Macs and PCs.) To see what Konfabultator in Windows would look like see image here.
This came to me from Chris. See also a previous grockwel: Research Notes: Konfabulator blog entry.


fuck sex granulation love the shit god

WORDCOUNT and its companion QUERYCOUNT are two text-art experiments by Jonathan Harris of Number27. (StÈfan Sinclair pointed this out.) WORDCOUNT uses the Britich National Corpus to present an interactive Flash view of all the words sorted by frequency (thus “The” starts the list of 86800 words.) QUERYCOUNT tracks the words people ask to see in the WORDCOUNT list, not surprisingly starting with “fuck” and “sex”, but followed (when I checked) by “granulation”. (There must be some group repeatedly asking for “granulation” or a bug for that to show up so high.) What does the list of words we look for (quoted at the start of this entry) say about us?
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Ideas as Play: HalfBakery.com

halfbaker.com is a site for wacky ideas (some of which turn out to have happened.) Nice design and great idea itself.

“Ceci n’est pas un ideÈ.”

This site makes communal play out of what we do – fantasize about things that could be done (to make a million.) Such ideas are a rhetorical trope – a conversation starter (or stopper) independent from any desire to implement.


Christian Bˆk Eunoia Toronto: Coach House Books, http://www.chbooks.com/online/eunoia/index.html, 2001 is a book with Oulipian experiments. Eunoia is written with a chapter for each vowel. Each chapter works within constraints, one of which is to use all words that only use that vowel. The chapters also begin with something about writing. There is a Flash version of the Chapter on E online along with the full text of the other chapters.
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