Paper Folding

From join-the-dots, a blog I have been enjoying recently, is a link to Geometric Paper Folding: Dr. David Huffman (as in Huffman coding.)

Now this intrigues me because I have begun to shift my meeting practice from “no-paper-in-no-paper-out” to the view that if you must bring paper to a meeting with others it should be interesting in its design or folding. Now, if I just had the time to play with such folding.
The No-Paper approach to meetings has worked fairly well. It forces me to remember anything that is important and to immediately write it in an e-mail or blog entry when I get back. I also, I admit, depend on others printing out and bringing things like agendas and documents. When we have a wireless bubble at Mac I might just bring a laptop but that defeats part of the purpose – to force the mind to sort what is important and to listen.

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