HyperJournal: an open journal system

HyperJournal is an open journal publishing system that supports XML (according to the docs) that is now in Alpha. It has an intruiging feature, “Dynamic Contextualization” that links things between articles including between articles at different Hyperjournal installations. I think that’s why they call it “HYPERjournal” as it is designed to automatically link things.

Here is what it says about Dynamic Contextualization:

Dynamic Contextualization is a P2P tool, based on semantic web technologies, which allows readers to visualize, while reading an article, all the articles quoted by and all those quoting the one they are reading. Dynamic Contextualization also enables you to easily carry out bibliometrical calculations such as: the number of quotations received by an article or by an author, citation source groupings by journal, by topic, by period.