U of Waterloo new School of Pharmacy

Cities and municipalities, which have become a hot issue, in Canada, have become interested in developing universities. A university brings the right sort of knowledge people into a neighborhood so we are seeing a lot of interest in moving universities and setting up new campuses of existing ones. McMaster is in discussion with Burlington and I am helping with this. (See, McMaster Daily News – July 29: A McMaster presence in Burlington?.) As I am helping you will see blog entries on subjects around the development of university activities.

There are a number of such new campus projects in the Southern Ontario area. The University of Waterloo, for example, is setting up a School of Pharmacy in Kitchener. The business case for this is here. The School of Pharmacy is supposed to eventually bring over a 1000 students to the downtown. UW is also moving their School of Architecture to Cambridge.
Wilfrid Laurier has a campus that they are expanding in downton Brantford, see Laurier Brantford. This campus is distributed buildings downtown where a loose set of programs are offered. The local public library and YW/YMCA provide library and recreation facilities to the students!