maisonneuve :: eclectic curiosity is a newish (starting in the Winter of 2002) magazine that tries to be like the New Yorker or Harpers. This is the second such magazine in Canada along with The Walrus Magazine. The MediaScout is their blog that comments on the national media every day.

A quote from the About page in answer to the question, “What is Maisonneuve?”,

Maisonneuve is a high-end general-interest magazine similar to The New Yorker & Vanity Fair. Published bi-monthly in English out of Montreal, it can be found in thousands of retail stores across Canada and in the United States. Maisonneuve also has a powerful online presence that is no mere beachhead. Intelligent, eclectic, slightly eccentric, cross-border & international in content, Maisonneuve is the new New Yorker of the younger generation.

Maisonneuve’s prose seems a bit young – as they say, they want to appeal as a next generation magazine. They have stories about science fiction, futuristic travel and stuff that we used to see in Omni. There is also an explicit Montreal slant – perhaps to be for Montreal what the New Yorker is for New York – a magazine based in a city with a wider readership. A magazine worth watching if they survive.

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