Short URLs

A comment to a note on Annotations had an intriguing comment by Seb who has a blog at I went there, and, because the server was busy it dropped me into the site which provides simple service where people can get a short url created that resolves to their longer url. Thus resolves to something entirely different. (Thanks Seb – this is the second note with something I have learned from him.)

See notlong Short URL Redirection: Make a long URL notlong. This suggests one could create a long term url that would travel with you like a life phone number. (What would I do with all my stuff at Mac if I left?)

Seb also gave an e-mail address which I doubt is real (and I will not reveal.) I love it – the address is the joke like a vanity license plate – the message of the address is that he doesn’t give out his address. (On the other hand perhaps it works.)

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