Toronto FIS Academic Plan

In a previous blog on Information Studies at the University of Toronto, Information Studies, I looked at the Chartreuse paper created by the dean there. Now that has been developed into an academic plan, see Faculty of Information Studies home page and the FIS Academic Plan. Note the three major thrusts of their proposal and the way they plan to model an electronic university for the rest of U of T. Will anyone listen when they do?

U of Waterloo new School of Pharmacy

Cities and municipalities, which have become a hot issue, in Canada, have become interested in developing universities. A university brings the right sort of knowledge people into a neighborhood so we are seeing a lot of interest in moving universities and setting up new campuses of existing ones. McMaster is in discussion with Burlington and I am helping with this. (See, McMaster Daily News – July 29: A McMaster presence in Burlington?.) As I am helping you will see blog entries on subjects around the development of university activities.
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