TAPoRware Word Cloud

We’ve been playing with ways to make text analysis tools like word clouds that don’t need parameters work automatically on loading a page. See TAPoRware Word Cloud documentation. Here is an example.

One thought on “TAPoRware Word Cloud”

  1. Geoffrey,

    I have the word cloud running in my blog sidebar without the tag. Which is cool. There’s some funny things about implementing it…some which I sense are the house of cards that is my framework on that page. However, to the point. I sense that the cloud is being challenged by the dynamically generated page. I ran a word frequency list on the same page and got a very different result than the cloud is giving. Its just probably as onload only has limited information at that stage of the wordpress cycle. I look at the cloud on my main page and note that it gives me comments (2) as one example, but I can actually see the word comments on screen within vicinity of the actually cloud iframe in greater frequency. At what stage is the function actually generating the word list from that page? I wasn’t sure who we was in your blog posting and didn’t want to put this in comments.

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