Possible Tools

The following are possible tools for Tapor Tools Prototype. The idea is to create tools that help summarize texts like TEI tagged texts in visual or literal ways.

Possible TEI Tools:

– A tool that will summarize a TEI text. It should extract the teiHeader information in a useful form. It should be able to show a tree of the tags used. It might also extract common elements like names, place, bibliographical items, titles, and dates.

– Comparison tool that could compare structure or text. (Can we compare both?)

– A tag visualizer that would show a graph of tags where the X axis is the number of instances of a tag and Y is the amount of text held in a tag. This would help identify tags that do the work like paragraphs. This might also show examples of the text in elements so you can see how elements are used.

– Classification, clustering and linking tools. Not sure what these would do, but there should be a way to adapt MVA techniques.

– A distribution graph for patterns.

– A tool that will combine two texts for further processing.

– A tool that will combine extracts from two texts for further processing.

– A bibligraphical reference manager. This could be a database tool.

– A thesaurus tool that could be used to refine queries.

– Correspondance analysis.

– A name finder – something that will try to go through and identify names of people or places.