Media Analysis and Computer Games

How are computer games presented to parents and teachers? The Concerns About Video Games | Excessive Playing is one in a collection of resources available for parents and teachers at the Media Awarness site (search for games and you get more). See especially the work by Stephen Kline from the Media Analysis Lab at SFU, Video Game Culture: Leisure and Play Preferences of B.C. Teens | Study. The study comments on the disparity between the economic importance of games and the amount of research into the effects of computer games. On the whole Kline’s study and the Awareness site seems balanced – they avoid the sort of hyped criticism of “we’ve found another bad thing you didn’t know about” journalism.
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Rebecca 2

Rebecca is the daughter of Ivanhoe game that Steve Ramsay and I have been trying to imagine. (See previous Rebecca post.) Here are some more thoughts on features to the game.

– Limiting moves to the output of others
– Algorithmic spirit
– Challenges
– Journals
– Code and Literary Programming
– Literary Moves
– A Game of Collaborative Algorithmic Interpretation
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