NRC: 3D Technologies

The 3D Visualization Technologies Research Group is part of the National Research Council Institute for Information Technology. They have developed laser scanners that can digitize spaces and objects. (See The Virtual Theater). They have also developed technologies for generating 3D spaces from images/paintings and technologies for searching 3D databases.
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Visualization Examples

StÈfan Sinclair posted to a conference a good list of exemplary visualization projects:
Web browsing
OPTE ( ( )
anemone (
Reference and bibliographic visualization
Visual Thesaurus ( )
RefViz Galaxy & Matrix views (
Document structure
XML Structure Navigator (
I think its time to start reflecting on the semiotics of visualization.

PircBot: Visualizing Language Learner

Dynamic graph drawing is another neat application on The Java applet (source available as GPL) builds a graph of your sentences as you dialog with an Eliza like bot. I previously blogged the Social Shakespeare Pie Spy tool, grockwel: Research Notes: Visualizing Social Networks. Paul Mutton is building a neat collection of tools and his site is well designed.
This comes courtesy of StÈfan Sinclair.

Newsmap: Google News Visualizer

Newsmap is an effective visualizer of Google News stories that creates treemaps based on the volume of stories for each topic. The interface allows you to compare different national news sets and to show/hide different types of news (world, nation, business…). What’s more, it actually works visually and for looking at the information.
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HyperGraph: Embedded Site Map

The site for TAPoR at the University of Alberta has an interesting feature – a dynamic site map. In the lower left of every page (if your browser supports it) is a graph of the page you are looking at with the connections to other pages in the site. This worked for me in Safari, but not IE on the Mac. StÈfan Sinclair showed it to me as just one application of visualization. Now… can we turn it into a TAPoRware tool?