Affordances and Prospects

Stan Ruecker today successfully defended a thesis on theorizing rich propospect affordances for interpretively-tagged text collections. Two things that are very interesting about the thesis are:

1. He traces the literature on affordances (that show up without a lot of background in UI discussions like Norman) to JJ Gibson and environmental psychology.

2. He proposes prospects (visualizations that have a meaningful representation of all items in a collection) as useful way to interface with medium sized text collections like Orlando.
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Christian Bˆk Eunoia Toronto: Coach House Books,, 2001 is a book with Oulipian experiments. Eunoia is written with a chapter for each vowel. Each chapter works within constraints, one of which is to use all words that only use that vowel. The chapters also begin with something about writing. There is a Flash version of the Chapter on E online along with the full text of the other chapters.
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Radiohead Pictures

H A I L T O T H E T H I E F is a page in the site where they have some neat word orientied shows done in Flash. The “89 instances of LA” is a series of found texts that flash by. The last one “No Way out” is intriguing – it is a black box navigating like a car around a Mondrian cityscape while words flash below.