Audio Blogs: audblog

audblog : sounding out is a service for which you play that allows you to add to your blog audio entries entered from a phone (anywhere.) For $3 a month you can record from a phone up to 12 four minute audio blog entries a month. The audio (I think) is stored on their server, but the system enters a blog entry in your blog if it is supported. (Movable Type is!)
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VOG: Video Blogs

How can we use streaming media? Most uses of streaming media are remediations of existing video like trailers online or streamed lectures. Who is trying to find a way to use streaming media in an original way?

Adrian Miles has a VOG or Video Blog (see videoblog::vog 2.0) that “is not streaming video” yet uses the technology in an appropriate way. (I would say his VOG is new streaming media, as opposed to remediated video.) Check out how he theorizes it.
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