Virtual Research Worlds: New Technology in the Humanities – YouTube

The folk at TextGrid have created a neat video about new technology in the humanities, Virtual Research Worlds: New Technology in the Humanities. The video shows the connection between archives and supercomputers (grid computing). At around 2:20 you will see a number of visualizations from Voyant that they have connected into TextGrid. I love the links tools spawning words before a bronze statue. Who is represented by the statue?

Update: Sibylle of TextGrid updated me on who the statue in the video is of. It is of,

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, a German scientist, writer and thinker of the 18th century ( who held a professorship in physics at Göttingen University (where we are situated) in many years. He was a brilliant satirist and aphorist and is today known as one of the founders of scientific methodology in Germany. The statue is located in the courtyard of the historical building of Göttingen State and University Library, where our TextGrid offices are.