Ontario Augmented Reality Network (Lies Here)

At the Immersive Worlds conference they have a half-day dedicated to the Ontario Augmented Reality Network. This network is based in Toronto, Niagara and London (Ontario.) They have academic partners, commercial partners and government.

Robert MacDougall from Western gave the first talk about augmented reality games. He argued that history is the original transmedia narrative. You have books, movies, statues, plaques and so on. The historical plaque or statue is an old fashioned form of augmented reality annotation. They “superimpose information on reality” the way QR tags can.

Tecumseh Lies Here (PDF) is an augmented reality game that plays with history that MacDougall is developing. The game will be run this summer (which is why parts of the article linked are blacked out.) Lies here is a game for the conference launched from QR tags that show different versions of plaques that tell different versions of local history.

Now I have to get up an play.