Computing or Humanities?

From Humanist, an essay on Computing or Humanities? The Growth and Development of Humanities Computing which mentions what is happening at King’s and Willard McCarty and Harold Short’s map of a Methodological Commons.
I tend to take a very different view where Humanities Computing is not an area of computing methods and tools useful to the humanities, but a discipline that brings humanities inquiry to and through computing. The radical idea I would put forward is that computing (or at least multimedia) is a new discipline of the humanities that draws on traditions of the more established disciplines.


I have argued this in other contexts like Multimedia, Is it a Discipline? and Is humanities computing an academic discipine?. At the end of the day, the movement of ideas in both directions, from and to computing will happen. It is a pity to lose sight of how the arts and humanities bring questions, ideas, theory and craft to computing.

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