More on Facebook and Privacy

For those interested, there is a fair amount of information about Facebook and privacy. See, for example the EFFs timeline of Facebook’s privacy policies. They also have a video (and instructions) on how to opt out of Instant Personalization. That’s if you can’t bear to quit entirely.

Matt McKeon has an animated visualization of the change in privacy from 2005 to now.

Jeff Jarvis has a nice long blog post on Buzz Machine on Confusing *a* public with *the* public. He makes the point that what we liked about Facebook was that we could control who our public was (who our circle of friends is.) He argues that Facebook confused our willingness to share information with a small public with a willingness to share with a large and corporate public. That is the promise of a social presence site – that it lets you control who you want to see what. Ning gets it, though the site is slow. I’ve used Ning to create family private networks.