Dictionary Coding

Dr. Shirani is a colleague in Electrical and Computer Engineering. A Ph.D. student we are both second readers for drew my attention to course slides he put up that explain coding techniques for text and streaming. In particular the Dictionary Coding slides are interesting on LZ and LZW algorithms that are foundational (and really neat.)

What is the GRID?

What is the Grid? is a deceptively simple web site that combines streaming video clips answering questions around “What is the GRID?” The answers are short clips of experts in the field. The design effectively gives you a map of faces that have popup questions which launch the video windows. What they don’t allow me to do is run two clips at the same time (in dialogue).

sally mckay

sally mckay has a blog about “toronto art and other stuff” including her own short mixes. I came across this looking for stuff on Eddo Stern after giving up on blogging the bland news release from the AGO (or their pretencious pamphlet). Included on her site are some neat images and mix animations. What does one call these extremely short image animations/video clips – so short the animated parts are texture, not narrative?