Daily Nous: A Visualization of Influence in the History of Philosophy – 

Grant Oliveira has created a social network visualization of A History of Philosophy. That graphs how philosophers influenced each other using information from the Wikipedia. His network uses Kumu and the interactive graph is here. The Daily Nous has a blog entry on the map, A Visualization of Influence in the History of Philosophy.       

Here is some of what the Daily Nous has to say,

[I]t struck me that we could use Wikipedia’s semantic companion dbpedia to build our little map. And so that is what he did. Here’s the view from a distance: “Philosopher’s Web,” as he calls it, is an interactive map graphing the “influenced” and “influenced by” relationships for all philosophers listed in Wikipedia. Each node (blue dot) represents a philosopher, and “the more influential the philosopher, the thicker and more numerous the lines emanating from him.” Taking a closer look, here is the map slightly zoomed in on Leibniz, whose blue dot has a thin red circle around it: While there have been previous similar projects, Oliveira’s is a bit more advanced. The above image is a bit dense, with the lines almost impossible to follow. But if you let your mouse rest on the node of the philosopher you’re interested in, all but that philosopher’s lines of influence fade away…