Quantum Computing and Information

Jerry McGann has been talking about quantum models of textuality for some time. (See McGann, “Preface to _Radiant Textuality: Literary Studies After the World Wide Web_”, Romanticism and Contemporary Culture, Praxis Series, Romantic Circles.)

In general whenever Jerry is interested in something it is worth thinking about, even when I don’t get it. Here, therefore are some links on quantum computing.

An introduction to Quantum Computing is a short and clear introduction.
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information is the site to a book with that title where you can download/read the first chapter.
Seb’s Open Research blog also has an entry on Quantum computing weblogs (Note: blog now gone). This entry got me going on the subject.
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Intersections of Math and Multimedia

The following are some intersections of mathematics, computer science, philosophy and multimedia.

1. Descartes and Analytical Geometry
2. Frege and Russell – the intersection of logic and philosophy of mathematics
3. Turing’s solution of the Halting Problem
4. von Neuman and Game Theory
5. Euler, Graph Theory and the Semantic Web
6. Set theory, Kleene and Regular Expressions
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